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PU Foam
HR (Density)
Hard Foam
PU Foam
good foam is the backbone of a healthy well-rested you.and a good foam delivers the optimum blend of bounce,destiny ,strength year after year.morever,it should breathe well to circulate good that you enjoy ideal comfort and body support. We believe that good quality foams should excel all these parameters.We crystallize thast definition of quality with nufeel.
Sheets / Cushions / Mattresses
Sheets :– Flexipuf Sheets are used for lining& cushioning purpose. They are available in densities from 18 – 50 in all grades and in all sizes.

Cushions :– Seat Cushions and sofa cushions are available in densities from 18-50 in all grades and in all sizes.

Mattresses :– Puf Mattresses are available in all sizes and thicknesses. Mattresses carry guarantee ranging from 3 years to 15 years depending on the product/density.
Premium Range
    A perfect blend of comfort, luxury and quality.
    A. Nu Feel Premium  

Welcome to years of good health and comfort and relaxation.

      » Nufeel premium with the goodness of GeoTech  
fantastic new quality foam from the house of Nufeel – The Nufeel premium.It embodies the finest quality imported raw materials to bring you a great blend of look , comfort and longevity.All Nufeel foam products are crafted with the Geo Tech advantage-a technologically advanced process that makes it less brittle , crumble-resistant and tear-free.and multiplies its resilience and cushioning power.
      » Greatcomfort - Greaterlooks  
We use specially imported and expensive colors for Nufeel premium that impart a superior finish. Brighter appearance and long lasting look.unlike ordinary colours that disort and yellow with time.Nufeel premium will gladden your heart for years with its enduring and pleasing aesthetics.
      » Good for your back And your bank .  
Nufeel premium foams are manufactured from imported raw materials on computerized machines using high quality processing additives ,giving it great resililence , excellent cushioning & a longer’s anti-sag properties guarantee that the matters delivers healthy ergonomic support even after prolonged use. All this at a price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.
      » Do and Don’t :-  
  • Rotate & Flip your mattress once a month to retain its shape longer .
  • Clean spills or spot wash with mild detergent. Dry well before use.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • Do not put heavy objects on the mattress or sit on its edges.
  • It stresses the shape of the mattress.
    B. Life Style  
      Welcome to nufeel life style.  

Nufeel Life Style is specially made from imported raw materials,high quality proceesing additives & modifiers,giving it high resilience,excellent cushioning & a long life.

      CHECK LOGO of Nufeel Life Style on mattress before buying.  
      Life style is available in 32 and 40 density in all sizes and comes with a guarantee of 10 and 15 years respectively.  
Flexi Range
    Nu Feel      
A premium foam with superior density, bounce and strength. Delivers higher resilience and cushioning comfort. Perfect when you want to match comfort, quality and cost.

Nufeel products are available in densities from 18 to 50 in all sizes and comes with guarantee starting from 3 years to 13 years.

welcome to Nufeel range of flexipuf products ! Nufeel mattresses &cushions are manufactured from imported raw materials on computerized machines resulting in quality.

As compared to ordinary p.u.foams, Nufeel products are specially made from high quality processing additives &modifiers , giving  it high resilience excellent cushioning & a long life.

Nufeel uses quality imported materials from reputed suppliers like Bayer,Shell,Mitsui.BSF,and Dow.And then process them at our advanced computerized production facility.The superior quality of mqterials ensures more bounce,density,life and strength.

Moreover all our foams have a special built-in GeoTech Advantage- a technologically advanced process that makes it less brittle,crumble-resistant and tear-free.And raises its resilience and cushioning power.Nufeel’s excellent anti-sagging property gives you correct erogonomic support and prevents backaches.
    Quality stamped authenticity.  
Nufeel administers stringent quality checks to maintain consistent quality control.both automated in- process quality monitoring and manual quality supervision ensure that we satisfy the given quality norms for each product on our range,for your peace of mind , we back our quality assurance with a guarantee.
    Advantages :-  
    Care and Checks :-  
  • Please rotate & flip your matters periodically to help it retain its shape longer.
  • Check embossed      logo on cushions / matters before buying.
  • Buy from authorized dealer only.
    Guarantee :-  
  • With normal  use , flexible P.U. foams is likely to develop softness & change in colour.The  guarantee applies only on sagging , crumbling or disintergration of the product& not the cover.
  • If a complain arises during the guarantee period, please contact authorized dealer along with the cash memo & guarantee card.
  • The product specifications & guarantee terms are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Guarantee is applicable on thackness of 75 mm & above only.
      Apart from nufeel flexirange is also available under the Brand Name of Sleep King() and arise.  
Re-Bonded Foam

Re-Bonded foam is recycled foam that is made by grinding foam in to small bits and bonding them back together.

Its relative high-density and excellent resilience make it suitable for applications including vibration, sound dampening, flooring, sports mats and carpet underlay.

Re-Bonded Foam is available in densities 80 to 100 and in all sizes.

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